Websites for friends in London  A computer engineer and accountant.

MyMuseLara.Wordpress  She will tell us about her story.  Is were originally started thanks to the people in Victoria, Canada and everything I learned from them. Making blogs into websites and it continues.   An organisation to help Captain Shea and his Pirate friends in USA, Mermaids, defenders of the oceans. Works about Recycling and Environmental Issues.  Checking with a visit on your fridge and how is the supermarket shopping list, talking about nutritious with a group of healers who shoot up a vitalizing program.  Clair Eves used to be a nurse and changed her career into healing with her hands, she believes there is so much more that can be made with her caring.  Video, photography and productions in South London.  Tomas started his website on 15th Aug, 2019. We just meet in the library and we shared emails. He likes to do reunions with different religious views so gets to read their favorite parable and chat with spiritual meaning.