Set the Site

Tec Myself


  TecMyself is a non profit organisation who gathers a multimedia plan to establish your future, creation, work and studies, also hobbies into a more professional stetting. The organisation is set for minorities so they can become self employment through a designed format to follow.

  1. Logo and Website.
  2. With business cards.
  3. And scheming the locality we show how easy it becomes to deal with the community around you to be known.
  4. Pictures, Videos, YouTube.
  5. Excel list of locations, map and contacts. Scanning your connections.
  6. Flyers and News Papers.
  7. The Follow Up takes till is rolling by it self.

II Part

   At this point anyone knows how easy its to maintain your website through WordPress. The next step keeps performing with the business plan, an excel list who shows the escalation of the targeted places, clients and outcome. In this form the work shows how the website projects the advancement and enjoyment of the journey itself.

Getting techie is a fun experience that makes us look out from the window of our self and letting that projection meet with our expectations and that is possible.


  In the future, we wish to find the right sponsor so we could teach how to teach this method in as many locations as possible to help with mental illness, parents with low outcome, people coming out from the Streets and Jail and those who are dependent of welfare to become self abundant and brilliant.